Mariposa in Hockessin, Delaware
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At Mariposa, we celebrate the passion of food and the splendor of making others feel at home. In short, we have a gift for entertaining.

Our unique collections are a result of our own innovative designers collaborating with superior artisans worldwide to bring the best of foreign cultures back home—from Italian glassware to aluminum gifts and tableware from Mexico.

Our assortment ranges from high ... Read more about Mariposa »

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Collections: 117 Collections

Baby collection
4 items
Barware collection
15 collections
54 items
Bowls collection
7 collections
20 items

Candles collection
2 collections
2 items
Glassware collection
3 collections
19 items

Napkin Boxes and Weights collection
Napkin Boxes and Weights
14 collections
109 items
Nut and Sauce Dishes collection
Nut and Sauce Dishes
10 collections
24 items
Photo Frames collection
Photo Frames
16 collections
111 items

Salad Servers collection
Salad Servers
5 collections
9 items
Serving Trays and More collection
Serving Trays and More
19 collections
146 items
SI collection
1 collections
2 items

Spreaders collection
8 collections
19 items
Statement Trays collection
Statement Trays
4 collections
27 items
Table Accessories collection
Table Accessories
11 collections
34 items