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About Ore

From LIsa Lowe, president of Ore:

Fifteen short years later, and with a design degree helping guide the way, I started Oré with a bold line of graphically innovative recycled-rubber bulletin boards that were designed, assembled, and shipped from my garage in Long Beach, California.

The bulletin boards were the first items created for what was to become Living Goods™, our basic collection of creative solutions to enhance everyday living. Today, Living Goods™ is comprised of dorm and home organization products, along with bath accessories and personal totes.

The inspiration for the products in Oré Pet™ comes from Stanley, my beloved Bull Terrier, who graces many of the product labels in this fun collection of pet placemats, bowls and food storage accessories, collars, leash hooks, and photo frames and albums. Although Stanley is no longer with us, he is greatly missed and his legacy lives on in Oré Pet™.

In 2003 my beginnings came full circle, when the birth of my own little boy inspired the products for SugarBooger™, a baby products collection of diaper bags, storage and organization items, fun photo frames and brag books, as well as tabletop, gift items and accessories.

So what does "Oré" mean? It's simply our way of saying, "All Designs Are Original."

After nearly 20 years, while our focus of fun + functional has not changed, we’ve grown our brand collections to include lots more items for everyday living. Whether you’re a mom needing to be fashionably organized, a pet-owner looking for a better feeding solution, a college student in need of cool shower curtain to spruce up an apartment bathroom, or you’re just looking for a functional bag to take on vacation, may our website be an easy place for you to find all the Oré products you have in mind – and then some.


Lisa Lowe
Founder & President

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