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About Oenophlia

Oenophilia’s humble beginnings in the early 1980s centered on the introduction of the WineAlyzer, a kit developed to introduce fledgling oenophiles to the fine distinctions among the various tastes and aromas found in wine. From this our company has grown into the nation’s premiere one-stop shop for wine accessories and gifts.

Wine shops, wineries, gourmet stores, gift shops and kitchen stores all look to us for the most useful, stylish and fun accessories that will have an irresistible appeal to a wide array of their customers.

This Web site was designed with great thought and care for you to discover how colorful, elegant, fun and functional our offerings are. A rich and generous assortment of corkscrews, racks, stoppers, pourers, ceramics, carriers and glassware await you.

Please call our store to place an order.